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The Management School and Business Services is an initiative that aims to offer management services, integration training, activation and continuing education to all those who want to improve their skills and knowledge in very varied professional areas but also an opportunity for freelancers wishing to put their talents at the service of companies. 

EGSE have been founded in 2020. 

The main purpose of EGSE is to participate in the socio-professional integration, the permanent training, the performance and the optimization of processes related to the management and administration of our individual and business clients or governmental institutions.

  • Trainings : 

  1. Cultural integration path : the importance of cultural integration in the educational system is key. In this business line we will support the integration of the participants within that cultural diversity, specifically in learning the local languages. We will focus on the official languages, national values and history, through training offers, considering that it is the starting point for cultural and labour integration among others.  At the end of the integration process, the participants will obtain an integration certificate.

  2.   Professional training : through training for work, oriented to the most demanded new technologies, we contribute with the

        employability of people in this digital era. 

  3. Continuing training : there is currently a lack of employability among the experienced people, one of which is being in an average age,

      between 50 years and over, but without being ready to retire and without handling new technologies. For this segment, new technologies and

      the telework culture open up opportunities to enter the labour market. With adequate and timely training, this segment could overcome barriers

      and join the job market. This business line also includes support throughout the recruiting process, guidance in relevant aspects such as the

      curriculum, job offer sites, applications and the interview. Participants will obtain recognized certifications at the end of their training.

  • Services : management and administrative services mainly in domains like accounting, marketing or IT for startups, large companies or governmental institutions as well. 

Our vision

More and more entrepreneurs, medium and large companies are asking for very punctual management services for the accomplishment of their activity. 


At the same time, the integration and the putting in relation of independent professionals and entrepreneurs with companies contributes to the exercise of their activity as well as to ours and are at the center of the purpose of EGSE.










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